Afghan National Civil Order Police provide an example of “What Right Looks Like.”

On December 14,General David Petraeus, Commander ISAF and Commander USFOR-A, inspected equipment at Afghan National Civil Order Police Headquarters in Kabul, Afghanistan. General Petraeus visited ANCOP leaders at the conclusion of ANCOP’s three-day leadership seminar. General Petraeus announced to the members of ANCOP that they are an example of “what right looks like.” ANCOP forces stand 9,000 strong and represent the “honor of Afghanistan.” ANCOP members are the most literate; best trained and most deployed Afghan police force. According to General Petraeus, “ANCOP is a critical pillar in the ANSF providing crucial capacity in high threat areas. ANCOP has earned the great respect of the Afghan people. Every time an ANCOP unit prepares to leave an area in which they are serving, the citizens of that area always ask that they stay.”

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